Saturday, June 28, 2014

 Paul, Dave, and I went out from 5:30 to 10:00 and it was a pretty slow evening.  Action seemed a lot slower when you consider I was fishing with 3 poles earlier in the week and last night we had 8 out.  We ended 3 for 4 and got a couple of nice fish.  When setting up the first was a 13 lb king we picked up in 90 FOW 50 down on a magnum green/white spoon with large black dots.  We stayed in that area for a while, but with no luck.  We headed as deep as 210 then turned back around.  We picked up a double in 180 to 190 and landed a nice 12 lb Steelhead on a white pro-king with orange ladderback on 4 color lead. The other half of the double was probably the biggest, but it spit the hook and it was a full core with glow green dolphin.  We took one more as we were pulling lines in 135 FOW on full lead core.  Nothing hit the 2 flies that were out on dipsies.

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