Friday, May 26, 2023

5/26/2023 Rod Boss fishin report

Shallow was good to start. Tough to keep the fish on the line. Focused on the 35-50 fow getting bites on the 3, 5, 7 colors and 150 cu and low diver. It ended up getting busy so I wanted to leave ​

We fished from 50 fow to 200 fow picking fish every few minutes. Spoons and meat both took fish. Lots of a action. Again it was hard to keep the spring salmon on the lines. ​

Hard to say what was the best presentation out deep as most every line took fish. The low diver at 125 with a spoon took probably the most hits. Then the 5 color with a spoon thenHigh diver with meat   

Today was a grind but a successful grind. Picking fish every few minutes once we left the skinny water. 

Mike Flinsky 


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Monday, May 22, 2023

Black Pearl 5/22

 Fishing is excellent right now.  Catches are mostly king salmon of a variety of sizes.  We are fishing 130-240 FOW.  Downriggers and wire divers are set to target 50-100 down.  We have had spoons on our outdowns.  Flasher flies or meat rigs on our chute and divers.  Spoons on Blood Run coppers of 100-300 lengths.  Have a great holiday weekend.

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Sunday, May 21, 2023

5/18-5/21/2023 Rod Boss fishing report

Sunday morning after the Mother Nature decided to reset the water we set in 110 fow found fish right away starting out 1-2 while setting lines. Continued to have a fairly good pic of the fish to start working through the 110-140 fow. With Alewives meat bites on both high divers back 140. Had a cousin chute bites with Black knight crinckle fly combo down 75.   Also had a low diver take with white paddle green dot green crinckle fly combo.   

On a hard west troll we took fish from 160-240 fow picking fish consistently every few minutes. We turned around and did a hard east troll and that was not nearly as productive. However it did harvest us a nice king at the end of the trip. ​

High divers with meat, low diver with paddle fly combo and the chute with a paddle fly combo did most the work today with all of them taking 4 or so bites each. Also took fish on 7 color, 140 copper, ​A few corner rigger bites to round out the action.

Who knows what will happen as the lake warms up. But the fish out of Holland are surely out deep. There is some fish inside but it sure seems that the main biomass is out in the 190-220 fow range. ​

Monday, May 15, 2023

May 12-13 2023 Rod Boss fishing report

The season is starting out good for salmon fishing. There is lots of fish out there. However the fish are scattered from depths of water from 50-220 fow. The salmon are being caught mainly in the top 50 fow with some coming down deep toward the bottom in the deeper depths. 

The rods that were working the best were 5 and 7 colors. 100, 140 and 200 coppers. Free sliders on the downriggers have also been productive.

A few meat and fly bites here and there but for the most part it has been a spoon bite. Good spoons have been Mongolian beef, wonder bread moonshine, orange chilly Willy. 

Hope this helps. Feel free to stop by slip E-1 and have a conversations about fishing 

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Black Pearl Report 5/14/23

2023 has started with excellent salmon fishing out of Holland.  Fish are very scattered with fish being caught from 40ft to 240ft.  Fortunately, the ones you contact seem pretty willing to bite.  We fished 120-205ft landing 9 of our 18 bites.  Spoons in Stingray and magnum sizes took the majority of our fish.  5-7 colors of Blood Run Leadcore and 150-250 coppers took fish.  Blood Run wire divers back 170-190 on highs and 100 on lows took bigger fish with Spin Doctors and flys or Big Weenie Meat rigs.  Traxstech riggers took a few rips with mag spoons.  Happy Mother's Day!

Capt Mark Rapson

517 449-5543

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