Sunday, May 21, 2023

5/18-5/21/2023 Rod Boss fishing report

Sunday morning after the Mother Nature decided to reset the water we set in 110 fow found fish right away starting out 1-2 while setting lines. Continued to have a fairly good pic of the fish to start working through the 110-140 fow. With Alewives meat bites on both high divers back 140. Had a cousin chute bites with Black knight crinckle fly combo down 75.   Also had a low diver take with white paddle green dot green crinckle fly combo.   

On a hard west troll we took fish from 160-240 fow picking fish consistently every few minutes. We turned around and did a hard east troll and that was not nearly as productive. However it did harvest us a nice king at the end of the trip. ​

High divers with meat, low diver with paddle fly combo and the chute with a paddle fly combo did most the work today with all of them taking 4 or so bites each. Also took fish on 7 color, 140 copper, ​A few corner rigger bites to round out the action.

Who knows what will happen as the lake warms up. But the fish out of Holland are surely out deep. There is some fish inside but it sure seems that the main biomass is out in the 190-220 fow range. ​

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