Monday, August 4, 2014

The Eldean Shipyard Fishing Team (Wade, Mark K, Mark V, Paul, Ken, Shane) helped sponsor and also entered the Big Red Classic this past weekend.  Leading up to the tournament, the Rhino was out of the water for 10 days getting the hull patched from a freak anchor incident.  The boat made it back in the water on Friday afternoon just in time for the tournament.  We had an awful Saturday, with only one small lake trout, just big enough to keep.  It wouldn't have been so bad if we could could have hooked some of the other 8 or 9 hits that got away.  All the misses came in 80 to 180 FOW just North of Holland.

For Day 2, I got a tip from Jeff at the marina (Z-39) that he did pretty well down by Saugatuck so on Sunday we went strait to Saugatuck and set up in about 60 FOW.  We stayed South of Saugatuck all morning and mostly around 100 FOW.  We had action all morning long and ended the day going 9 for 12 with 7 kings, 1 laker, and 1 steelhead.  The kings we got early had some nice weight and we were able to weight in our top 5 fish that totaled 67 lbs.  Meat rigs behind dipsy and paddles took 3 fish.  1 fly took another, and a variety of spoons got the rest.  Sunday was a lot more fun than Saturday and the fishing team is hoping that we can string 2 good days together next year!

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