Monday, May 21, 2018

I've heard the fishing continues to be good for Kings.  My boat is having engine work, so I won't be out fishing for a while. 

If you have a Salmon Fishing Report for Lake Michigan please click on the "Comments" link below. Fish On!

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Capt Dick said...

Friday was a beautiful night to be on the water. Got 5 of the 6 rods to go. Wonderbread J-Plug on 300' of copper, SWR w/ green dolphin hologram, down rigger 80' down with a watermelon hologram spoon took a 10lb steely, and both dipseys fired at about 50' down on a 2 set with a UV green dolphin and a mag black fin tuna that took a 10-12lb king. Little to no chatter on channel 68 other than a few comments on washing lures.