Sunday, June 19, 2022

Happy Father’s Day 6/17-6/19

Picking up decent numbers of trout with a few silver fish mixed in. Averaged around 10-15 bites per trip. The full moon played some havoc with the bite this weekend. The early bite was good with a little lull in the middle with a strong late bite. Most of the trout bites came early in the trip and the silver bites came later in the trip. 

The king bites came in spinny flies and 8 inch paddle and flies on a 225 copper, high divers just off bottom. Meat bites came on 400, 450 coppers and low divers back 220. The spoon bites all came 100,125,200,350 and 450 coppers.  Hot Jordo, natural born killer, starburst, Mongolian beef and helmet.  

Most of the trips was spent in the 110-150 fow with 120-130 fow providing most of the bites. 

Mike Flinsky 

Rod Boss Sportfishing 


Slip E-1

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