Tuesday, June 14, 2011

3 for 5 today

One of the fisherman on E-dock went 3 for 5 this morning out of Holland.  A little slow taking small to medium size kings.

If you have a Salmon Fishing Report for Lake Michigan please reply to this post. Fish On!

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Rough Diamond said...

Slow day, 2 for 3 - left the pierhead at 6:00 to set lines in dead calm water - already light out. Set up in 80 FOW SW troll heading towards the pack. First fish at 105 FOW on full core with superscrew - rookie dove the planer board which then released and went down to the fish. 0 for 1 on what was acting like a nice king.:frown:

Next fish again in ~103 FOW, free slider on downrigger set at 93 feet. Greasy chicken on another super screw - ugliest damn lure I have in the box, but the fish like it.

Next fish was on a copper slide diver set at 2, 150 feet back - modified blue dolphin, for another greasy chicken.

Pulled lines at 10. Temp break at 45' down. alewifes in the bellies