Thursday, June 30, 2011

Big night fishing!

Paul and I had great night of fishing from 6 to 9:45pm on Wednesday.  It started off with the same lead line getting the first 3 hits (2 in the box).  It was a 15 color lead line with a magnum white wonderbread spoon.  We got the idea, and put a magnum silver wonderbread on a downrigger and then that took a fish.  So I looked for any other similar spoons to put out there.  I found a magnum bloody nose with a big black dot and tried that because it was the closest in color/size.  Then that took a fish.  Dipsies and flies were quiet all night. We ended the night 6 for 10, 5 kings and a nice 9 lb steelhead.  We had two double headers before 8 pm.  During one double, a huge king, 15 lbs or so, had its way going through our lines and making big mess - we ended up losing both fish.  We spent most our time in 120 to 130 FOW.  We heard from another boat fishing close to us that at 8:30 they didn't have any hits yet.  Most of the action on my boat was before 8pm.  The water was calm, 67 degrees on the surface, a great sunset, and a refreshing swim after the lines were up.

If you have a Salmon Fishing Report for Lake Michigan please reply to this post. Fish On!

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Anonymous said...

Well made it out at about 6:30 this morning with flashes and dark clouds in the distance. Set lines in 100 fow went SW to 120 and a nice 10 lb. king ripped the full core with moonshine flounder pounder lots of marks between 120 and 130 and the storms pushed us off...hope to be out again soon.