Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It was a father and son trip last night.  After Ryan & I saw the cooler of Steelhead that JD Charters brought in from his morning charter, we were really excited to get on the water.  Capt Steve said to stay in close around 50 to 60 feet and tha small orange & red spoons was really working for Steelhead. 

So, at 6pm we set up in 55 FOW, with 2 downriggers and 4 leadlines. And sure enough, the first fish on was an 8 lb steely.  We took another King, then Ryan had his work cut out with a 14 lb steelhead on leadline.  The fish worked so hard that on its final leg it came in Laketrout style, mouth open, surfing the rest of the way.  After that, it was mostly small kings.  We ended the night at 9:30, going 7 for 9.  We probably would have cracked the double digits, but we had 3 shakers that we dragged along for quite some time.  A lemonberry magnum spoon took 4 of the fish, including the 2 steelhead.  We didn't run any flies or dipsys.  We didn't mark many fish all night, but they were there.  Also, on the way in, the bait fish were jumping in Mac Bay. 

If you have a Salmon Fishing Report for Lake Michigan please reply to this post. Fish On!

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