Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tuesday, June 26 - JD Charters

There was cold water near shore, due to strong east winds on Tuesday 6-26 and the
J D Lady had a full 6 person charter consisting of one adult that had done some
fishing with me but not for several years, two of his children and two of their
friends that were on their first Lake Michigan fishing charter. We had very
little wind, but a strong north and/or east current with surface temperatures at
90 FOW in the mid 50's and down temps of 43 degrees off the center rigger set at
50 feet. We hooked 13 fish but only brought 5 to the box. Fish came on dipseys
80 feet back and full cores with blue or orange spoons. No small fish for the
day, with 4 year old Kings at 13-15 lbs and the bigger of the two Steelhead at

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