Saturday, June 29, 2013

Friday night, I took out my friends visiting from Mexico.  It was a great night to be out, except for all the flies.  We fished from 6:30 - 9:45pm and ended 2 of 3, with a 7 lb Steelhead and a little king.  We started out deep and fished the 180 - 210 area, and while we marked fish 40 to 100 down, we couldn't get any takers.   We worked our way back in and took the steelhead 80 down in 85 fow on a Mag Lemonberry.  The Steelhead put up a great fight for Efren and put on an aerial show for all of us.   Just before finishing for the night, we took the little King on a green fly and dipsy, 170 back set on 1.5 in 80 FOW.

While it wasn't big numbers, it was better than being skunked.  I'm still a few fish short of a picnic (Marina Party on the 4th), so I'm planning another trip or 2 before then.

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Unknown said...

I went out sailing Friday morning for a few hours and decided to throw two rods out. We sailed to 80 FOW and put the dipseys down around 55 and 60 feet. About a half hour later in 90 FOW we got one to take a silver streak black and white spoon. We got it close to the boat and landed it, which was pretty interesting considering the net guy was at the helm steering and netting on a heeling sailboat. It turned out to be a nice Coho. We had one other on but while tripping the dipsey it came off. It was a blast and this was my first attempt sail trolling, hopefully it wasn't just beginners luck.