Monday, June 17, 2013

Ryan and I took the boat to South Haven for the Weekend to stay and see a bunch of movies at the Waterfront Film Festival.  The plan was to fish on the way down and on the way back.  We fished Friday morning from 5:30 to 11.  Things started off great as we were setting lines in 80 FOW off the Saugatuck channel.  We got a nice king on a 4 color lead and bloody nose spoon as we were setting up the lines.  Unfortunately this was the only action we had all morning as we fished all the way to South Haven in the 80 to 120 FOW range.

Then, on Father's Day, on the ride home, we got a couple miles North of South Haven and thick fog set in.  We ended up never dropping lines as the fog lasted the entire ride back to Holland.  We spent the long trip going slow with the eyes stuck on the radar and sounding the horn as when we thought boats were around.  Besides a large sailboat crossing our bow off Saugatuck, it was an uneventful, trip - except for the hundreds of small black flies that covered us...

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