Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ken and I fished last night from 6 to 9 pm and end the night 2 of 5.  One king was 22 lbs and put on a big fight and a bit of a water show.  It hit on the dipsy with white mirage fly then ripped out 250 feet of line.  It looked like it might be a steelhead at first as it launched itself repeatedly out of the water.  We nearly didn't get it in as it crossed up the other dipsy and a downrigger.  The other 9 lb king came on a whitish jplug, 85 down in 90 feet of water.

It was a pretty slow night for us and we kept on getting stuck between boats and not able to get where we wanted to go; There were a lot ob boats out last night!  Even when we were clear of the fishing boats, it seemed the sailors were there.  After trying to get out of the path of one sailor, we realized, that the sailboat just kept aiming for our us.  At this point, I had now turned my transom in the direction of the sailboat, so if they still intended to come at us, they would eventually land on our swim platform.  Well, they kept coming.  Upon their arrival, just turning away enough to avoid our planer boards, they greeted us with a "Catch Any?"

Good luck to those in the Fishing Tournament this weekend!


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