Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mark and I fished last night from 6-8:30ish and ended 2 for 5 in 90 to 115 feet of water.  Beside being happy with the 2 fish we caught, we were also pretty happy to have survived the storm that blew threw while we were on the water.  I knew that there was a small front coming through and thought we might make it through a small clearing that we saw on the radar.  Well, that clearing closed in on us, and we were smack in the middle of it all.  There was 40+ gusts, lightning and thunder, and plenty of hard rain (at times blowing in horizontally).  Anyway, I think Mark wished we stayed at the dock, but immediately after breaking into the clearing we got 2 hits which made things a little better.

We fished 6 rods - 2 down, 2 dipsy, & 2 lead.  We had no action on dipsies with flies.  One hit on a core and a half lead on my favorite black and green ladderback Pro King (which broke off on this big fish).  2 hits and both fish we boated came on a whitish JPlug 55 down.  The other down rigger took two hits on a wonderbread magnum spoon down 85 feet.  The fish were 7 and 9 lb kings.

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