Thursday, July 2, 2015

Well, it wasn't the best night to go out fishing, but I have a Marina Party on the 4th that I haven't caught enough Salmon for, so despite the weather, we headed out around 6:30.  I heard that some Kings were caught North in 140 -160 FOW, so Dave, Paul, & I pounded our way North in the 3-6 footers, then headed with the waves on a SSE troll.  We only fished 5 rods because of the tough conditions and it wasn't till we made it to 130 FOW outside of Holland that we missed the first bite, 60 down, on a white/green magnum with spots.  Shortly after, the lead core with a purple and black Pro-King magnum started ripping out and kept going with drag cranked up.  Boom, its double time, the dipsy went with a green fish catcher and home-made orange mirage fly.  As I was bringing in a 7 lb king on the dipsy, Dave had his hands full on the lead core as he ended up submarining the large planer board and the line just kept going out.  Not wanting to loose the fish or the gear, we pulled the other 3 rods and backed down on the board/fish.  The board finally popped up and Dave was able to bring in this beefy 14 lb king.  We fished for another hour until 9:30 and the waves calmed a bit, but no more action to report.

I'll probably head out on Friday night in order to make sure there enough filets to put on the grill Saturday.

If you have a Salmon Fishing Report for Lake Michigan please click on the "Comments" link below. Fish On!

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