Thursday, June 21, 2018

Got out Wednesday evening with Tom and Jeff.  Went 5 for 7.  Initially set up out the the harbor mouth in 120 FOW on a north troll.  For the evening, worked 140-115 FOW both north and south half way to Port Sheldon and short of the sliders.  Boated two 12.5+ kings, steelhead 11.6lb and 8.6lbs and one small laker.  Proctologist fly on a 9.5" chartreuse spinny 55' down on the SB aft rigger got hit 3X.  The tail gunner holographic spoon set up the SB side rigger with light line, 65' down and  70' out got hit 3X.  And one runner, likely a steely hit a double orange crush spoon on a dipsey about 40' down - we did not boat that one.  Surprisingly, port side SWR was untouched all night.  And no action on 100' and 200' of copper.  The only action on 300' of copper was a massive tangle (thank you Mr. Steelhead) that decommissioned the set-up.  Figure the spinny was doing the heavy lifting most of the night.  Chatter seamed to be slow.  Believe we had a lucky night coming in better than most boats.

Capt Dick

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