Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Dropped lines at 4:00pm for a few hours of pre-Fourth of July fishing.  Worked the 120-180 FOW north of the harbor with the action coming in 135-155 FOW.  Landed 3 steelhead, one last year adult at 12+lbs and one modest coho.  No kings on this trip.  Steelhead appear to be be big and abundant this summer.  All the action was on riggers, 65-80' down.  Proctologist fly on a 8" chartreuse spinny  and magnum holographic spoons continue to work well.  Just one drive by on an orange crush dipsey and no action on the full copper line.  Top water is beginning to warm up.  Water flies are back but not too bad - get the flea flicker line out.  And of course the biting flies are always around when its hot and flat.

Capt Dick
Fin Warrior

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