Monday, July 30, 2018

Sunday July 29th:  Cleared the pier heads just before 6:30am to hunt fish till lines up at 1:00pm.  Steelhead – could not find one.  Downrigger bite was happening and the kings were back.  Didn’t bother with 300’ copper since the water was so warm.  Worked my way outside of the fleet to about 155 FOW.  Pick up a young king on downrigger 60’ down with a fish flash / spoon combination at about 7:30am.  Took another hour before getting bit again in 145 FOW on SWR down 80’ with a holographic spoon on the business end.  Waited until 12:30pm for the next bite.  On a SW troll in 135 FOW passed a boat going North dragging a yard sale but fighting a fish on one of the lines.  Wishing that was my boat, I bumped SWR off the bottom and boom, tip up and at the end of the battle, I was rewarded with a 20lb king, hook out in the net no less.  Belly was full of bait fish.  Dipseys were silent and not a factor in the hunt and the water was warm on top.  Everyone is running long lines, some managed well and others not so well.  Need to have patience and avoid running over lines this time of year – unless of course, you must.

Capt Dick
Fin Warrior

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