Saturday, July 14, 2018

I committed to fish at sun up rain or shine and the weather & waves were perfect.  Not hot, no flies but lots of nats.  I also was reminded why I like fishing the low traffic evening bite.  Sun up is akin to government cheese being handed out at the trailer park.  Boats roaring by throwing out wakes as your setting lines, vessels not understanding who is stand on and who is give way in a crossing situation, 360 loops to get the boat running <150' off your gunnel out of harms way.  But that's OK, I will be back out tomorrow.  The bait fish are sparse and bite has slowed down.  My last three trips produced fish with empty bellies.  Went 2-for-3 this morning.  Banged a steelhead as I was setting lines in 100 FOW on 3-set dipsey 130' out with a evil alewife on the business end.  Then nothing for hours till the other 3-set 125' out dipsey roared to life with a 13.5lb king.  Black spinny with a black/gold fly did the deed.  That same rod got spanked about 20 minutes later however, the fish broke off the fight very quickly.  As I was pulling lines, double orange crush on a 2-color copper, 10' down on a rigger, the last rod in the water popped but it likewise was gone as I picked up the rod.  Coming in, there were still small pods of bait fish inside 100 FOW at about 20' down.  Likely why the steelhead are still in the skinny water.  Need to pick up ice for tomorrow morning :)

Capt Dick
Fin Warrior

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