Sunday, July 15, 2012

Good Night at the Office!

From the "Corner Office" - Interesting night on the water running solo with 3-rods. Set out south of Holland and worked the 120 FOW north of Saugatuck. Boated a large laker instantly on Killer Blue set down 50 feet on a 2-color SWR. Picked up 4 more kings in the 8lb range on a south troll, all on the SRW set-up during the course of the evening. All kings were release successfully. Went looking for steel deeper but came up empty. Pushed in to 60 FOW and turned north for the troll back to port. Ran through bait fish in 58 FOW and had all 3 rods explode within 90 seconds. Boated a 14lb king, one slightly smaller and the third I dropped at the back of the boat during netting (my bad). It went belly up so I backed the boat up on both engines and got right on top of the fish. Dropped the net down and it came to life and went back to the deeps. Better off but I would have like the chance to boat all three on my own. The other two rods that went off, not that it mattered were a copper yellow edge stinger on a dipsey 3-set 110 feet out and the dark blue fly on a spinny 45 feet down. Great way to finish the evening.

Capt. Dick
Corner Office

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