Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A little white pro king

I took my friend Bill and his family out fishing last night. There were 9 of us total on the boat so we were ready for a couple triple headers. We didn't get a triple, but we had one double and steady action from the time we set lines at 5:30pm. It was a bit rough and we pulled lines just after 8pm because there were several sea-sick crew who had been tolerating it for the past couple of hours. Even though we brought in lines early, we ended 5 for 7 with two big kings and 3 nice Steelhead. Interestingly, with 9 lines out, 4 of our 7 hits came on a white pro king spoon on a 12 color lead line. A green mirage fly caught the 2 kings on a dipsy 160 back set on 1. The other spoon to see action was the Lemon Berry Magnum, 90 down.

We stayed in 120 to 135 FOW. Captain Jim fished inside of us, in 100 to 115 FOW and ended his night 8 for 15.

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