Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wardrobe Malfuction

On Saturday, my brother-n-law Dave and myself joined Capt. Rich, on the Corner Office. We fished from 4:30 to 10pm and ended the night 2 of 5, boating an 8 lb and a 10 lb steelhead. Both of these fish came 140 back on a dipsy set on 3 (no ring) with a half blue half silver spoon. We had two hits on a copper line with a meat rig plug - basically this is a j-plug type of lure that opens and you can pack it with meat or fish scent (Rich likes to use canned tuna). One of the great things about fishing with other people is seeing how the different gear and techniques used to fish for the same type of fish in the same water. The other hit came on a dipsy and blue fly set up.

Unfortunately, we missed two of the hits when one fish swam away with our meet rig, and the other with the flasher and fly because of equipment malfunctions. As you can imagine, we were all quite disappointed.

We fished off Laketown and south towards Saugatuck from 80 to 125 FOW. There were a dozen boats out, the flies weren't that bad, and the lake was calm. By the chatter on the radio, it sounded a little slow with similar action on the other boats. Thanks Capt Rich!

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