Sunday, August 26, 2012

Gold Coast Salmon Tournament

I hadn't been out in a while and all I heard was that the fishing was slow and the meat rigs were working well. Mark and I went out for team practice Friday morning to find out where the fish were and what they were biting on. We fished from 7-10am from 60 to 210 FOW. The fish were all stacked up in 100 to 120 but we didn't get any to bite. We continued West and picked one up in 145 and missed another in 160. We were fishing with the usual set up and concluded we should get some meat for the tournament.

The Saturday Tournament, the Team of Mark, Ken, John and I got things going pretty well off the start with 3 fish in the first hour or so fishing in 100 - 115 FOW. Then, fishing stalled on our boat. We had several hits that didn't stay on and I also missed a nice 15 lb with the net after it went around the downrigger cable. We ended 5 of 9. Early on, the 2 Dipsy Fly Set ups were hot going 3 of 4. Then as the day went on, most of the action came on our meat rig behind a big white paddle, 100 down on the rigger, going 2 of 4. Our J-plug meet rig down on another rigger did not get any action. We only had one hit on a spoon and it seemed we were washing our lead lines for the entire morning. We ended with 50 lbs of fish, all kings.

Congratulations to all the fishermen out there! There were a lot that weighed all 9 fish.

If you have a Salmon Fishing Report for Lake Michigan please click on the "Comments" link below. Fish On!

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Anonymous said...

Wed, Sept 19. Fished N. Pier Port Sheldon. Two hours 3 coho, 2 misses. Casting about 1/2 way down from shore. Used large white/clear bass plug (diver). Bit windy but fish were in.