Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Little Sable, Big Fish

We took a quick trip North for a couple of nights on the boat. As usual, I couldn't pass up fishing near Little Sable Point. Sinse this is a family vacation, I left the down riggers at home. We dropped 5 lines (2 dipsys and 3 lead), 10 miles South of Little Sable and fished North in 80-110 FOW. We fished Sunday afternoon from 1-3 (obviously not prime fishing time) and had are hands full. We ended 3 for 5, 2 kings and 1 fat Coho. Ryan caught one king that was really long but not too fat - however it boasted 17lbs on the scale. The other king was about 13 lbs.

We were down to fishing only 2 poles for a while as fish were biting and we snagged onto somebodies wire line and planer board that was adrift. We had to slow and even stop the boat to get this mess in, which in turn caused our own mess.

We'll be heading south tomorrow and hit the same spot again. I Can't Wait!

The Big Red Classic Tournament is this weekend. They are still accepting entries. Just Do It!

If you have a Salmon Fishing Report for Lake Michigan please click on the "Comments" link below. Fish On!

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