Thursday, August 2, 2012

Solo Trip from Capt. Stec of the Corner Office

Set out today (Wed. Night) for 120+ FOW and found fish biting in 165 FOW. SWR with Killer Blue spoon 80’ down total took 3 kings, two on an outside turn and both of these were in the 14 lb neighborhood. The other was about 10 lbs and all three were released successfully. I have caught enough 14 lb kings this year to measure them up well. The other rigger, 88’ down, with a similar spoon but so old who knows what it is called took two kings around 10 lbs. All fish hit between 160 to 170 FOW. One hit came on a wire diver, 3 set with a ring 190’ back but the white spinny and fly were lost. Some times the fish just have the upper hand. Not all that bad for a 6:00pm to 9:30pm outing. -Rich

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