Friday, August 10, 2012

Wednesday Night

I took Efren and his family (all from Mexico) fishing Wednesday night before they have to head back South of the Border. It was a windy, wavy night so we just fished 6 poles (2 lead, 2 dipsys, 2 down). There was no action on the dipsy fly combos and everything came on spoons. The sames ones were were working. But I've also have thrown a small pro-king, black, dark green, and a dark pink/red ladder back into the mix which has done well. We ended 4 for 9, with one steelhead and 3 kings.

Fishing conditions were a bit challenging for several reasons: Wind and waves, rookie fisherman, sea-sickness, and NO NET. Yep, we left the dock without the net. The 4 fish we brought in were between 5 and 12 lbs. To get the big ones in the boat, they needed to be subdued with a gentle tap on the head, then I just grab them by the gills and bring 'em in. Unfortunately, we did lose a 15 pounder because it shook the hook after my first attempt.

We lost a huge one that on 1.5 core lead that fought for 20 minutes. We also had a double where one fish from the downrigger got hung up in the fish on the lead. We barely got the first fish in because it was dragging the other one (I thought we had tow fish on the downrigger because we were running a slider too). Once in, I had to cut the lead line to get rid of the twisted sections, re-tie it to the backing/reel and then we brought the second fish in. Not bad for a real mess.

Mostly in 100-110 FOW fishing North and South.

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